(PIANO plus)

"what's the difference"


SOLO PIANO recitals

For more information and Programme samples, please get in touch with Yu's Manager Monika Mistlbachner!

Conceived and Performed by Yu Horiuchi


Solo concert by Yu Horiuchi with a whole variety of pieces starting with “regular” classical piano solo pieces to works involving piano and voice, piano and melodica. Many pieces were written especially for this project by composers such as Hyung-ki Joo, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Uma Ysamat.

Written, Conceived, and Performed by Yu Horiuchi


Have you ever wondered what “makes” a piano sound?

Is there a difference between instruments?

During this concert, you will have a rare chance of “comparing” and hearing the difference between 2 pianos and find out about what factors influence the sound of a piano. It’s a little like wine-tasting, but with pianos, so you will take part in a “blind-test” too!